Dinn-stagram, day 0. Fakeaway pizza night

It’s been all go since my last post, and I’ve been finding it hard to get back on the blogging horse, so a new project is needed, especially as a warm up for this year’s Bake Off, which should kick off at the end of September.

So the basic idea is this. One post every day, with a photo of that days dinner – aka “DinnStagram”. Some days it’ll be random stuff from the freezer with no details, other days it’ll be an experiment with a completely new to me recipe.

So to start things off, here are two pics.

Tonight is last day of August, and I’ve put the Big Monthly Shop off for a week or so, so that we can eat down the pantry/fridge/freezer. I pulled two straggler lumps of pizza dough from the freezer and combined to make one very large pizza, using the end of a bag of mozzarella and topped up with some cheddar.

Really tasty, and served with some wedges and chicken goujons to complete the fakeaway pizza experience.

Next was Sunday dinner. Now that we’re a preschooler-and-newborn house, (more later!) most of my playing with recipe books happens at the weekend when Hubs can distract the small people.

Poulet a la crème from Cooking with Pomiane, a very unassuming cookbook given to me quite a few years ago by a good friend.

This was absolutely delicious, though you’d really want to be a mushroom fan for it. I also added a wee bit of garlic to the original recipe, as I’m apparently incapable of making a dish without it lately.

Served with green beans and buttered basmati rice. Even managed to make an attempt at decent plating!

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