Baked mushrooms

Weekday lunches have leveled up since lockdown, which is one advantage of working from home full time. This is the simplest lunch, but feels a bit decadent on a Wednesday!

Two portabello mushrooms, or flat breakfast mushrooms per person, stalks removed. Pinch of pepper inside, no salt.

About a tablespoon of chopped up stilton into each (don’t overfill, it’s really not needed).

Two slices of parma ham, prosciutto, or the like per mushroom criss crossed across the top and tucked underneath. Minimal cheese exposure is the aim.

Oven proof dish at 180C for about 15-20 mins. You want the ham crispy and the mushrooms nicely cooked but not collapsing – there should be minimal mushroom liquid in the dish.

If the timing is spot on, after the first cut you’ll have gooey cheese and mushroom juice forming a tasty pool on your plate. These are fab with some peppery salad leaves with a drizzle of balsamic, and some crusty bread to clean your plate.

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