Dinn-stagram day 5: meatloaf with mushroom gravy

This is the second recipe I’ve made from the late, great Anthony Bourdain’s Appetites and it’s another hit.

I’ve never made meatloaf before, but from years of American tv I know it’s either a delicious comfort food, or a dry, grey punishment in meat form.

Simple recipe, though I used a slightly wider tin to speed up cooking time. I also made half the recipe and between kiddo and two adults we got through less than half – this might be a regular winner for leftovers.

5% fat pork mince was subbed for veal, which just isn’t really eaten here, particularly in minced meat form.

The end result was juicy and delicious. The tomato puree on top (not ketchup) lifted it perfectly and the mushroom sauce was just fab with it. This is absolutely going in the regular rotation.

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