Pulled pork for days!

I don’t eat a lot of pork, but I love barbeque and pulled pork would be a favourite around here. I’m without a barbeque at the moment, but I’m also loathe to spend a tenner on a couple of portions of the prepacked stuff at the supermarket.

Pork butt is the bit that works for this, and a good butcher will have it. It’s not, as it may sound, from the arse of the pig – it’s the thick end of the boned shoulder.

This is half a butt, as it’s for a couple of meals for the 2.5 of us.

I made a rough rub to add some flavour, largely old bay, brown sugar and veg oil, and applied liberally.

To stop it sticking to the bottom of the instant pot, I turned a couple of stray carrots into a trivet, then in with the pork and slow cooked for 6 hours. I’ve not used the IP slow cooker function much and wanted to use that for the bulk of the cooking.

The meat was removed and shredded while still warm, as it’s much easier to do if it’s not cold.

Back into the pot with a few good dollops of commercial barbeque sauce. I’d usually use Sweet Baby Ray’s (but am out) or if not for kiddo Mic’s Chilli (as it’s got a kick!) but for this it was plain old Heinz, thinned down a little.

Pressure cooked for 15 minutes to make it melt-in-the-mouth tender.

Not terribly attractive looking, but very delicious sort of Tex Mex. Refried beans, cheese and pork, rolled up into sort of fajitas. I like sliced peppers in mine for crunch.

The meat is really rich and was super delicious. Leftovers went straight in the freezer to avoid a midnight snacking incident! I’m definitely adding this to the list for our eventual kitchen-warming, though as much as I love old bay, I’d rather a salt free seasoning for this as so much is used. Honey and smoked paprika will feature, I think.

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