French toast and fun in the post!

I’ve been a big fan of Suki tea since we lived in Belfast and used to buy it from their market stall on Saturday mornings. They’ve done really well over the last few years, and produce a really amazing cuppa.

They’re doing free shipping at the moment and I was out of my favourite tea (apple loves mint!) so it seemed a good time to order.

Box of goodies!

I’d a 10% off code for mother’s day, and had been thinking of ordering a tea pot for my desk, so went for it! It’ll be used here til I’m back in the office.

How awesome is this! The peppermint tea is ready in the caddy. It smells incredible – almost like Turkish mint tea. I ordered the huge 250g bag of apple mint, but accidentally ordered two. No real tragedy there though! There’s also Russian caravan, which is a beautifully smokey black tea that isn’t harsh at all – some smoked teas I’ve had make you feel a bit like you’ve been trying to light a campfire and failing. Last pack is Belfast Brew – a great any time of day cuppa.

I’m so happy with this order, and it’s good to shop local in these trying times. It’s well worth signing to to their mailing list as they’ve new teas and great offers on a regular basis, and they don’t feel spammy.

Seeing as we’re home all the time now, breakfast is sometimes a little more interesting than toast with jam, or cereal, with a mug of proper tea.

End of pan bread works best for this. For 2.5 people, I used one egg, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and about 200ml of milk. Beat like the Dickens so that the egg is totally blended. I hate getting lumps of egg white on my toast.

Soak each side of the bread briefly. Pop in a preheated pan with a blob of melted butter. Fry each side til golden.

Serve quickly, with topping of choice. Berries or banana and Nutella are awesome. We went with some classic maple syrup.

Not bad for a weekday morning!

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