A brief interlude

We’re just back from a few days staycation in Cork for our anniversary, and while I was largely on a social media and device break, I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of pics.

First up is tea!

I love afternoon tea to possibly unreasonable levels, and whenever we go on a trip, I try to squeeze one in. This is a terrible photo of a rather good tea at Castlemartyr Resort.

Two cocktails – a Manhattan for him, and an Aviator for me (it had me at “gin and creme de violette”). We’d had an amazingly silky pannacotta in little glass pots before this marvelous spread arrived out – the best I’ve had in as long as I can remember. Delicious and clever tea sandwiches, featuring fab little brioche rolls and a salmon with squid ink bread comb that I could have happily polished off a couple more of.  Scones – plain and fruit, with jam and clotted cream – and some really lovely patisserie rounded it out. I wasn’t gone on the chocolate cake, but I’m just not a fan of chocolate and banana as a combination.

The service was great, and this rounded out our trip beautifully, despite the rain outside.



Next up was a trip to the Midleton distillery, which we’ve been promising ourselves for years. The standard tour ticket comes with a Jameson at the end, or you can  splash out for a premium tasting upgrade like we did.

The first on the left was Jameson Black Barrel. I’ll be picking up a bottle of this one! I think it’d be fab in an old fashioned. Great legs, and loads of vanilla, caramel and fudge.

Next was Powers John’s Lane. I’m not a big fan of Powers. It’s a quite traditional type of whiskey, and for my taste there’s far too much spirit left through the still; it sort of whacks you in the face as while it smells lovely the first thing you taste is alcohol. While 5his is much nicer than regular Powers ( which I don’t like at all) I think that there are much better whiskies available in the €70-ish neighborhood.

Third was Redbreast 12. Very nice, lots of peppery spice. Again, a more traditional kind of whiskey, but one I’d be happy drinking. The 18 year old is lovely, as an aside.

Last is the newly released Midleton Very Rare 2017 blend. The first from the new master distiller. Smells like summer, legs for days, and you don’t so much drink it as let it evaporate in your mouth. Really fab.

After loitering and chatting about whiskey and bourbon with a few American tourists who were in our tasting group, we took a trip through the gift shop and indulged a bit, and then headed to Ballymaloe cafe for lunch. Will have to go back again when the gardens are in bloom, but I consoled myself with a trip to the shop, where I picked up a cook book and a couple of baking tins I’ve been after for ages ( and I’ve now found an Irish source for the brand. Huzzah!)

Back to laundry and shopping now, but it’s not all bad. Netflix has just uploaded all of The Great British Bake Off and we’re binging – it’s given me a serious baking itch as well!

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