Saag paneer

Paneer is one of my favourite things to get when we’re getting Indian food. It’s a great, adaptable vegetarian protein, and super tasty. It looks a bit like a block of feta, but has a different texture – no crumbling here! A bit like haloumi, but without the squeak.

When I’m in the city centre, I pick this up at an Asian supermarket, which we’re lucky enough to have several of. This one came from the local supermarket and was not as nice, and much saltier. It’s very straightforward to cube. I usually go for 12-14 cubes per small block, as it’s nice and bitesized then, and fits easily in the pan.

For this, I broke out my Curry Easy Vegetarian from Madhur Jaffrey, which has yet to put me wrong. I got some onions, garlic and spices going in. a frying pan, then wilted spinach went in the food processor with a whole green chilli, tomatoes and a bunch of coriander. I wish scratch and sniff blogs were a thing on occasions like this.

Paneer into pan on top of oniony goodness, then in with the spinach goo, a good stir, and ten minutes of simmering later it was ready.

I made a standard chicken korma type curry as well, which was good even if the sauce was a little thin. Basmati rice out of the combo cooker, a blob of green mango chutney and a very shop bought mini naan. Full bellies and happy faces all around.

Cannot believe it’s taken me so long to make this dish – the idea of it was definitely more intimidating than cooking it was, by miles. I’m determined to master some sort of flatbread to go with this though. These ones were not great, tbh, but my adventures into naan haven’t been great either. I may try chapati next instead.

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