Bake sales and the ice cream machine

I’m sure all schools are the same, but we’ve had another bake sale to fundraise and celebrate mid term break. I picked up some mini loaf rigid cardboard liners, and made some very cute lemon yoghurt loaves, which I didn’t remember to photo.

Hubs was slightly unhappy that all the loaves went to the bake sale, and I had leftover ingredients so made a cupcake sized batch as well. Recipe is adapted from Nigella’s mini bundt cakes in How To Be A Domestic Goddess, and is great.

I also broke out the ice cream machine this week, briefly, as eldest boy is unhappy that banana ice cream is now impossible to get. I used a recipe from Vegan A La Mode, as most traditional ice creams include raw egg – a big no no with smallies.

Bananas, coconut milk, sugar and chocolate chips made a very tasty ice cream. I ran out of chilling time so had to leave churning to next day and being bananas, it had discoloured slightly, but to a slightly purple colour – yay chemistry!

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