Kitchen sink flapjacks

A nice simple recipe that kiddos can assist with, flapjacks are super versatile. There’s no chemistry like with a sponge, no interminable scooping like big batch cookies and no worrying about them going stale fast. These will happily live in a tin for a week, if they don’t get scoffed first!

375g oats, and 140g “mix ins” are the dry ingredients. The rest is 175g butter, 140g demerara sugar and 100g golden syrup.

Syrup, sugar and butter go into a pot over a low heat to melt together. They need a regular stir to stop the sugar sticking as it melts – demerara takes a while but helps with the nice crunchy exterior of the flapjacks.

While that gets going, I weigh out my dry ingredients. This time around I had a bit of The Happy Pear granola knocking around the press, so I added that first, then brought to 375g with plain rolled oats. Raisins are a traditional mix in that I quite like, but I got shouted down đŸ™‚

Instead I went with the end of a packet of dessicated coconut I had in the pantry, which was about 60g, and would work with the coconut cocoa granola from earlier. I made up the rest in chocolate chips – again, the end of a big bag. If you’re adding these keep them separate as if they’re added too soon they’ll just melt.

Combine, stirring well to avoid dry bits. It’s also pretty hot so make sure little fingers stay away from the syrup, as tempting as it looks!

I put about half in, then sprinkle on most of the chocolate chips, then repeat.

Into the oven at 150C for about 40 minutes, depending on how crispy you like them.

Out they pop, and sit for about ten minutes before phase 3 – they need to be introduced to a knife while in the tin. While I have lined the tin I don’t cut all the way through to keep from scratching it.

Absolutely leave in the tin until cold or they’ll crumble into what feels like a million tasty bits and you’ll be finding them on the floor for days. Bitter experience from my last batch, that.

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