Two birthdays and a batch bake

I do love a bit of alliteration! Also, cake.

Small boy is now in school and this year we had two parties. One in a play centre with a geansaí load of kids, and one much more sedate one in our house for family who didn’t want to be hanging out in said play centre.

In his almost five year old wisdom, Small Boy proclaimed that this would require two cakes, if we were being fair to our guests. Well played, kiddo.

Cake one was for the big party. Caramel biscuit cake with chocolate buttercream under green fondant and buttercream grass, so that it looked a bit like an excavation when cut. Big shiny personalized TRex topper. Didn’t remember photos until it was too late, so it’s a screenshot for posterity.

Cake two was a Malteaser cake, from Nigella Lawson’s Feast cookbook. Much simpler, but met the “must be chocolate” request. Delicious for kids young and old.

Reused TRex and added some dino candles for an easy win!

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