Dinn-stagram 16: Poached chicken with mushrooms and herbs

A very full plate for a very hungry belly. I’m making a major effort to eat more fruit and veg and avoid sugary snacks and super processed food. Anything to improve health and energy levels with a preschooler and s newborn in the house.

I’ve never poached chicken before but this turned out really well – not waterlogged or rubbery at all, buy very tender.

The sauce was basically the Pomiane one from a recent post, with a couple of handfuls of spinach and some chopped flat parsley added at the last minute. Tarragon would have been nicer, maybe, but I had parsley in the fridge that needed using. Tarragon can be hard to find as well, as it wilts away completely if you look sideways at it so most supermarkets don’t love stocking it.

I used a pack of “exotic Irish mushrooms” which included oyster, shiitake, forestiere and another couple I didn’t pay attention to the name of, plus half a pack of chestnut mushrooms. It seems I’m on a massive mushroom kick at the moment!

Broccoli was steamed, and soaked up the sauce well. It’s in season here – the supermarket was practically giving it away.

That’s a large banana, for scale. That broccoli crown is literally as big as my head, and cost €1. Five florets turned into a half plate each for myself and hubs. We’ll be eating it for a week. Not pictured is a similarly mahooosive cauliflower, which was €1.50. Will probably roast that on Sunday, once I find some crampons and scale the beastie.

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