Dinn-stagram day 10: Alfredo pasta

The method of this was clever. Chicken is fried off, stock and milk added, then the pasta into the same pot. It’s sort of a risotto technique but with pasta. Will definitely experiment further.

I’m not sure about Alfredo as a concept though. I’ve tried a few recipes now and it always needs fiddling with in order not to just taste like cream and cheese with a garlic clove waved near the pot.

For this one I preemptively fried the chicken off with shallots that were not in the recipe, and doubled the amount of garlic, and used a really mature parmesan, along with oodles of black pepper.

Very glad that I did, or a pot of nice ingredients would have been very underwhelming.

I had half a butternut squash in the fridge, and a big sweet potato, so roasted them together in some coconut oil. Really nice side to the pasta.

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