Dinn-stagram day 2 – taco night

Stand and stuff tacos were on offer and I picked up a pack to try. They do actually stand, but they take a LOT more filling, and so are a job to eat as they just want to break apart.

These had homemade refried beans, seasoned minced beef with onion and garlic, some cheese, red peppers and salsa. Corn on the side, and then I added more peppers after the photo, because why not?

This was a fast dinner as the taco meat and beans were both bulk recipes from my end of pregnancy freezer filling-up. Getting to the last few bits of those now, and they have been brilliant. I may never again cook one dinner worth of beef ragu, or meatballs, or refried beans as it’s no extra work to cook ten dinners worth – just needs bigger pot and some good freezer bags for the end result.

Also I do know that hard taco shells are a bit controversial, and are sort of as far from actual tacos as you can get while still being called that. I do love them once in a while though, but to prove that I’m not an ogre, I’ve also got some proper ones in the press, along with masa harina for making my own.

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