Rhubarb crumble time!

Despite it being Spring in Ireland, the weather is decidedly Wintery still. Cold weather and crumbles go hand in hand for me.

So a crumble is basically fruit with a flour/butter/sugar topping. What’s called a crisp in the States involves the addition of rolled oats – here it’s still usually called a crumble, or maybe an oaty crumble. I quite like some oats with a berry crumble, but I’m going for the purist version here. Rhubarb is my all-time favourite crumble. It’s also quite nice to use late rhubarb and some early strawberries together in that very brief overlap period in the year.

This is a Jamie Oliver recipe that, once I made for the first time, I keep coming back to. It’s the first one I’ve made where the rhubarb is beautifully soft and juicy, but not swimming in a bowl of it’s own juices.

Chopped rhubarb, unpeeled unless it’s older/bigger stuff, is mixed with sugar, cornflour and vanilla extract. Smells heavenly already.

Into the baking dish, raw.

Simple crumble whizzed up in the food processor is added, and then into a hot oven for 30-40 minutes.

Served with custard.

Completely delicious, and one of my favourite rhubarb recipes ever.

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