Double chocolate peanut butter cookies

This is based a bit on various cookie recipes I’ve read, plus various articles (serious eats and saveur) on the effect of different sugar, flour and fat types on the end result.

Soft, but not melted butter, with brown and white sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. The vanilla isn’t really tasted much in the final cookie, but it helps pull everything together magically. Beat in the peanut butter next.

In with egg, then flour, raising agents, cocoa, and finally chocolate chips.

The dough is pretty stiff, and I was tempted to add some extra milk, but resisted which was absolutely the right call.

I’ve a little one tablespoon scoop, which is amazing for cookies and the like. 12 of these fitted perfectly per sheet, and I got two full sheets (and frustratingly, three on a final sheet).

These absolutely need to cook on the sheet when they come out of the oven, as they’re still quite squishy. The urge to overbake is quite high at this point.

Once cooled, these were absolutely delicious, and I had to keep waving people off so that they didn’t all get demolished within an hour. Really, really happy with these. They’d be great with ice cream too!

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