Everyone loves a montage!

There’s been little blogging, but. a lot of cooking going on over the last couple of months.

Christmas was a little odd, due to Covid restrictions, but lovely all the same, and it was fantastic to be able to see my parents in person for the first time in literally months.

I’ve started trying to plan my pantry/food storage/menus in a better way, to avoid the regular finding of some random ingredient in the back of a shelf, before sighing and chucking it. I’m not a tall woman, so bits of this were always inevitable, but the reorganisation has helped massively. I’m working on a full month meal plan for March (we get paid by the month) so all the pantry/frozen foods can be picked up in one very focused supermarket trip, then I can top up for bread and veggies at a smaller, nearer store.

I’ve started baking once a week with Boy Wonder, who’s starting to get very insistant about tasting ingredients and who gets to turn the dial on the mixer.

More pans of cinnamon rolls and brownies, cookies out our ears, and quite a few new dinner offerings. My sister in law lives a few minutes drive away and her house has been very appreciative of the regular packages being dropped off. I get to bake, have cake, but not eat ALLTHECAKE.

Here’s a quick snapshot of a few things that have been going on lately…

Banana bread from How To Be A Domestic Goddess. Fab recipe. Subbed Chocolate chips for the boozy raisins and was still fabulous. A regular repeater for me.
Really simple fairy cakes with water icing. From All In The Cooking.
Roast chicken, with lemon, garlic, and rosemary, and a liberal sprinkle of old bay. Delicious!
Boy Wonder lunches are most improved with my new set of sandwich cutters.
Baked ham with proper parsley sauce. I’ve been having a lot of fun with my new thermometer! Ultimate comfort food.
Fab lamb chops, with beans, marrowfat peas and lemony roast potatoes from The River Cottage Family cookbook. Absolutely delicious, but will definitely add the recommended extra lemon next time.
Fusilli with artichoke, asparagus and lemon. This was really blah and disappointing. I make a risotto with similar flavours that works so, so much better. Not a repeater.
Paneer makhani from Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Easy Vegetarian, with flatbread from River Cottage Bread handbook, and chicken satay with tarted up jarred sauce. The paneer was stunning. The rest was very tasty.
Leftover flatbread turned into pizza for the next day. Two hearty thumbs up from Boy Wonder.
A bag of frozen raspberries made awesome coulis for the delicious vanilla cheesecake that I totally forgot to photograph.

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