Meat free midweek – veggie burgers!

We generally have cheeseburger night every other week. At the same time, we’re trying very much to cut down on our red meat consumption. Veggie burgers it is!

I was never a massive fan of veggie burgers back in my vegetarian/vegan days, as they were almost universally disappointing. Things have, thankfully, changes hugely – even over the last couple of years. Both vegetable burgers and fake meat burgers have really become popular, and the standard has improved dramatically from my BurgerKing beanburger youth.

One of the latest market offerings here is from a brand known almost entirely for pork sausages – probably the most popular sausages in the country. They’ve just brought out a plant based line, using their magic seasoning blend and I’ve picked up a couple to try.

One regular cow burger for the toddler looks very red beside the two veggie ones. They’re a little squishy when raw – there’s gluten and soy in there, but none of the bits that hold meat burgers together.

A flip, and we’re looking much more inviting!

Topped with cheese, these look pretty damn good.

I went with a barbecue and ketchup combo on these, for maximum, easy umami.

While I did cheat slightly by cooking in the same pan as beef, I was using cooking spray so there was minimal fat transfer. Still not veggie anymore, I know.

These were pretty good burgers. The seasoning was great, and they were genuinely tasty. Even Husbeast scoffed his. Slightly soft texture, as is usually the case with planty burgers but I think these would be fab cooked over charcoal.

Not perfect, but would be more than happy to keep a pack in the house for burger nights.

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