Campfire stew

A second Pinch of Nom recipe in a week, and an instant pot version due to not having an oven (I may have mentioned that a couple of times lately!).

I have been assured that this is delicious even though it contains a can of baked beans, and uses a ham joint instead of pork.

Veg chopping first!

Onion, mushroom, pepper, celery, all into the pot. Add some cumin, coriander, sweet smoked paprika, and pepper. No salt!

Smells good!

In with tomatoes, tomato puree, kidney beans and baked beans!

The ham needs visible fat trimmed off, which is a little fiddly so I ended up with my ham in a couple of pieces, and there was still some fat, though much reduced.

In to the pot…

…a good stir, and on to cook. I added a little water as the instant pot is fussy about these things.

Forty minutes at high pressure and it’s smelling amazing as the pressure releases. The meat gets extracted from the pot and shredded. Even though I didn’t soak the ham, it’s definitely not too salty.

Back into the pot, then I added another teaspoon of smoked paprika cos that’s how I roll!

Three more minutes at high pressure and dinner is served!

There was absolutely too much liquid in this. Partly as I had to add some to appease the IP Gods – they don’t run on limited liquid, and partly as pressure cooking doesn’t release as much steam as slow cooking would.

Still, very tasty. I added hot sauce at the end, and served with a bit of bread. The only thing really missing was grated cheese and a blob of sour cream, but then that’s what I’m trying hard to avoid for now. The baked beans were not weird at all – hardly noticed them, but the sweetness of the sauce helped this on a lot.

Leftovers in a pot in the fridge for later! Yay!

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