Creamy garlic chicken

We’re all well and truly under the Covid-19 restrictions now. Ireland is heading for week three of school and childcare closures, and I think for the most part people are behaving themselves. It’s not fun, and we all have cabin fever, but we need to flatten that curve!

I’ve been oven, hob and washing machine-less for over a week, and I’m going mad to boil some pasta, or eggs or spuds. I bought a chicken and bacon pasta bake from the supermarket and was shocked on two fronts. First, that they can charge so much for something I can make for a quarter of the price and with fancier ingredients. Second, how something with that much salt, pepper, smoked bacon, and cheese can be so damn bland. Cannot wait to have my kit hen sorted.

In the meantime I’ve been using the instant pot more. I found a recipe online for creamy garlic chicken and had just about everything in the fridge. I halved the recipe as it said 12 servings!

Chicken, salt, pepper, oregano, old bay seasoning, and garlic. The full recipe called for 2 minced cloves, which isn’t a lot for 12 portions of creamy garlic chicken, IMHO, so I kept the 2.

Fry the lot, then deglaze the pot with a little chicken stock.

Pressure cooker for 3 minutes – next time I wouldn’t bother, and would just sauté for a little longer.

In goes cream, butter and cheese. I used part mozzarella and part parmesan based on what needed using up in the fridge. Stir til melted, and serve.

For small boy..
Mine, haphazardly assembled.

I wouldn’t make this again as written. Too much cream (and liquid in general), not enough garlic, and if the full recipe makes 12 portions for actual adults, then I’m a monkey’s uncle. There’s also no need to pressure cook this at all – it’s just an unnecessary extra step.

It does have potential though to be a great pasta sauce, so I may take the good bits of this as inspiration and make something else from it.

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