Herby roasted cauliflower

I’d planned on using the remaining sausages to make coddle this evening, and bought a lump of back bacon to chop up and add. Unfortunately it’s still in the fridge in work, where it will stay until Monday.

Still, silver lining mode firmly on, there was a cauli that needed eating so on with the thinking cap!

Panko, salt, pepper, dried parsley and oregano, cumin, a pinch of smoked paprika and garlic granules all got mixed together.

The butchering of the cauli!

Cauli was broken into vaguely evenly sized florets. Half into a bowl, drizzled with a couple of tablespoons of oil and stirred up to make sure each piece was covered.

Into the breadcrumbs, making sure to get them in between all the little stems! On to a lined baking sheet, and repeat with the other half.

Into a hot oven for 20-30 mins, depending on how big your florets are, and how crunchy you like your veg. The florets will get quite brown in spots but that’s ok.

This goes especially well with gooey eggs. Ideally poached, but I didn’t have the patience. Husbeast and Boy Wonder had theirs with one egg and the last couple of sausages each.

Husbeast tried to steal a floret off my plate, which is saying a lot as he’s largely not bothered by non-potato veg.

In vaguely related news, our kitchen build on is flying along, and I’ve to pack up our current kitchen this weekend. Might do a little show and tell in the next post!

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