Savvy sausage rolls

After the ham and leek pie, I’d saved the leftover puff pastry. A rummage in the fridge uncovered some sausages, and I was on a roll.

On a roll….a sausage roll!

Skin removed from sausages, lined up along the pastry. They expand a lot so resist the urge to double up on the sausages. I usually smear a spoon of Ballymaloe along the pastry before putting the sausages down – it’s really delicious! I don’t have any in, so used a smear of HP instead. Not quite as good, but still nice.

Folks over, smoosh edges with a fork and brush on some milk. Twenty minutes in the oven and they’re ready to be devoured.

A very nice tea, and they look a lot more impressive than shop bought, however rough, even they take about ten minutes to put together. Yum!

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