Creamy chicken and tomato pasta

So it seems that the unofficial theme of this week is “roll through meals”. After the prawn pasta earlier in the week I’d half a box of pasta left over. I still have veg in the drawer and there’s that half tub of garlic cream cheese to use too.

Two chicken breasts, chopped up quite small and into the pan with a little oil.

Fry til golden, then scoop out of the pan into a bowl. No need to keep warm.

Into the same pan goes a finely chopped rib of celery and a couple of mushrooms. I add a small handful of that sliced leek where I’d normally add an onion – not buying onions til these are used up. Once soft, in with two sliced garlic cloves. A quick stir and then add a can of tomatoes.

I always use whole plum tomatoes, and just squish them in my hand as I add. I swirl out the can with a couple of spoons of water to get all the tomatoey goodness out. Some pepper, salt and dried oregano go in as well. Let bubble for a few minutes to reduce, and get the pasta on.

Chicken and cream cheese go in, and after a few minutes it’s a rather lumpy, unattractive looking sauce. Adjust seasoning.

Keep warm until the pasta is Al dente. Pasta into sauce, and mix. Tongs are a big asset for this, especially when your pan is as overloaded as mine!

Into bowls, with parmesan on top. This was a hit with everyone. Even better, the leftovers made two big lunches for the next day, cutting down on evening cooking!

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