Leek and ham pie

We’re heading rapidly towards having a new fitted kitchen installed (more on that later!) and I’m in full on “use things up” mode. My latest rummage in the back of the freezer turned up a tub of ham hock that I cooked back at Christmas, and deboned before freezing.

Hock is basically the elbow of the pig. Like most “funny bits” they’ve increased dramatically in price over the last few years, as people started eating them in gastro pubs and the like. They still give a good amount of tasty meat, though they need a bit of care in the cooking.

The meat got chopped up along with a leftover chicken thigh from the previous night’s dinner. I’ve a box of pre sliced and washed leeks in the fridge that came in my last veggie box. Add in a couple of mushrooms, a rib of celery, some leftover parsley and some garlic, and we’re off to a good start!

Leeks, mushrooms, garlic and celery into the pan with a sprinkle of salt to cook down.

While that’s doing it’s thing, I cut a sheet of premade puff pastry down to a suitable size, wrapping up the leftovers for later.

Half a tub of garlic cream cheese into the pan with a couple of tablespoons of cream. Milk is fine too.

Not entirely convincing yet, I know. After a few minutes though, it’s creamy and delicious and ready for the meat and parsley to go in. Add pepper and salt, but watch for oversalting – very easy to do with ham!

I should have made double the filling, but as this is specifically meant to use things up I didn’t want to buy more ingredients and end up with more leftovers.

Into a pie dish. My first time using this!!

Lid on. Nothing fancy at all.

Poked a few holes in the top, and brushed on a little milk. I don’t usually use egg wash unless I’m baking other things, or making enough of something to use most of an egg. Or if there are visitors.

I could have taken this out after 25 mins, but left it the full half hour.

Some buttered carrots on the side, and dinner is served!

Very happy with how this turned out, and it could easily be done with the leftovers of a roast chicken instead of ham.

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