Upgraded sausage and mash

The freezer is bursting at the moment, so I’m trying to use things up before they get cold burn or otherwise go to waste. I was very good at labelling everything over most of the year but I’m definitely hitting the lucky bag stage of things now (stew? Soup? Chilli? Bolognaise? They all look surprisingly brown and same-ish when in a frozen block).

For a simple supper, and to use up the lingering veg, I pulled out some sausages to defrost.

The brocolli box!

A small head of brocolli went into the microwave steamer for 3 minutes to tenderise, while I mixed up this odd looking goo…


Turns out I was almost out of milk so couldn’t make my usual white sauce. Improvisation time! I thinned out a couple of tablespoons of mascarpone with milk, added seasoning and a fistful of grated cheddar. I’ll claim it’s low carb cheese sauce and leave it at that. Mixed with the brocolli and into the oven for fifteen minutes.

Spuds and carrots boiled, the former mashed with lots of butter and some seasoning. Sausages fried, though these days I mostly roast them as it’s easier and less messy.

Tah dah! Dinner from bits and bobs. The brocolli was actually really nice, though the sauce did it’s best to slide off at every chance. Not bad for an improv!