Baked whole camembert

If there’s one thing I love over the holidays, it’s a good cheeseboard. I absolutely adore cheese, from simple grated cheddar to super strong blues and cave aged gruyere’s. There’s always a block or two in the fridge, and at this time of year it can take over most of a shelf!

Even when I’m pretending to be restrained, there’s definitely a cheese-heavy diet for a couple of weeks as we use everything up. This is currently being combined with my efforts to work through the pantry again, and my self-imposed “shopping budget challenge”. I like doing this on a regular basis, as it stops food waste, which is a big concern, and makes me more creative in my cooking.

New Year’s day we had lunch out, as we’d miscalculated the time and everyone was hangry. Evening time then, we had some crusty bread, a pack of prosciutto, and I baked a small camembert for us to share. So simple it’s embarassing to call it a recipe.

Preheat oven to 180C. Take the wrapping off the cheese and, if it came in a wooden box, pop it back into the base. Otherwise it needs to go in an oven dish, as a cardboard box could catch fire.

Cut a cross in the top – but don’t go too close to the edge or your cheese will escape the rind! Bake for 20 minutes, then drizzle on a little honey and a sprinkle of fresh thyme if you have it. Back in the oven for ten minutes and serve.

It’s also great with garlic and rosemary – for this, I puncture half a dozen little holes and stuff each with a sliver of garlic and a couple of leaves of rosemary.

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