Return of the naan

Even cutting the recipe in half, I ended up with a mountain of naan. The first cooked pieces were also a bit too thick, and a little too doughy – more “flatbread” than flatbread.

One of the Nigella recipes I’d flicked past at various stages was naan pizza. It didn’t seem like it would be overly popular here, but as I’d a) had a killer migraine, b) needed easy and fast carbs and c) had three naans that needed eating, it seemed like an obvious choice.

Even bleary eyed, this was delightfully simple. Photo-essay simple.

Pizza sauce from the freezer stash. Bag of low moisture mozzarella ( I envy people who can put fresh mozzarella on a pizza and not have it come out of the oven with a puddle on top. Clearly I’m missing a trick!)

Black olives, from a briney jar in the fridge, halved so that they didn’t roll off in a comical fashion as I put the tray in the oven.

Twenty minutes total time, from turning the oven on to first bite. Perfect for a Thursday night when the weekend still feels too far away.

These are… ridiculously good. They have absolutely no business being this tasty as they’re the worst sort of “fusion” food. They got competely demolished, and even Little Bear made “mmmm” noises with each bite.

If I’m making naan again to go with curry, I’ll plan to make too much just to have leftovers so that we can have this again.

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