Roast chicken leftovers, night one.

Yesterday’s chicken has been stripped down with military precision.

Meat is divided into three bowls. One is leftover breast meat that is more eat-as-they-are. Bowl two is the perfectly delicious but more Scrappy looking bits that we usually make curry or similar with – the brown meat is higher in fat so works really well here. Bowl three is skin, cartilage and any meaty or fatty odd bits for the stock pot or doggos, depending on how the week is lining up.

Tonight’s leftovers are divided out.

Boil pasta, reserving some of the water. While it’s in a colander, pop a couple of tablespoons of cream cheese into the hot pot, along with half a tub of pesto. Melt, then add chicken, stir, then add pasta. Adjust seasoning – plenty of black pepper. Nom.

It’s embarrassing to even call it a recipe, but it’s tasty and a regular in our house.

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