PFJ day 7, and Banana Bread

A couple of purchases yesterday. A new bathroom scale, that came mostly in cardboard and with an entirely unneeded plastic bag inside. My new packaging pet hate! Also picked up a pack of electric toothbrush heads, which is almost entirely non-recyclable plastic. Dentists orders, so I’m willing to cave on this. I get the largest pack of heads possible, to avoid extra packaging.

Went to a local fruit farm as well, and picked up some packaging free apples, eggs in cardboard, and berries.

There was a lot more in the strawberry box when we bought it. They didn’t all make it as far as the car. I’ll bring the berry packaging back to them next time. Personally I think the token plastic bit on top is completely unnecessary. It doesn’t seal the box, so I’m not sure what the purpose is?

As part of avoiding plastic, I’m also trying to avoid food waste as much as possible, especially if that food comes plastic wrapped!

I made a fab chilli con carne, followed by apple and strawberry crumble with needed-to-be-eaten-fruit for guests on Friday, but was so busy trying to get everyone fed that I didn’t take an end result photo of each. Argh.

I made some banana bread this afternoon. It’s so nice that I often leave bananas go totally overripe just to make it with. This recipe is Nigella’s, from How To Be A Domestic Goddess. It’s so moist that you don’t even need to butter the slices, not that that ever stops me.

I have a reusable loaf tin liner that I love.

I hate lining cake tins, and this just folds together and pops in. No need for greasing either, and it takes about two minutes to wash at the end.

Mashing bananas with a fork for this is an absolute mugs game. Break out the potato masher, and thank me later.

Sugar and melter butter combined, eggs and vanilla beaten in, and banana added.

Fold in flour and raising agents.

Add boozy sultanas, into pan and into oven.

The recipe says an hour to an hour and a quarter, but I find 50ish minutes are usually enough for me, probably due to the dark loaf tin.

And here she is.

No photos of it post-tin, because I was too busy trying to get it wrapped to head to my in-laws for tea. Must get better at that.

I can assure you, however, that it was delicious!

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