PFJ day 3, and homemade bread.

A takeaway coffee with locally roasted beans to start the day yesterday, in my keep cup, al fresco. Glorious.

A minor shop was done, as it was sunny and I was on the quest for some cold refreshments. Diet Coke is my fizzy caffeine of choice. It was possible to get 24 packs of cans in completely cardboard carry packs for about €10 until early April. Since then, it’s cans (recycling hero) in shrink wrap (booooo!) or plastic bottles, which can be recycled. I’ve used some of both, but not this month! I ended up forking out €1.10 for a single can. First world problems, eh?

So for some alternates, I picked up dilutable cordial in glass. It’s delicious, and would be great with soda water, ice and rum or vodka, I think. The bottle tells me there’s 14 servings, and it’s at least twice the price of plastic bottle cordial, which all contains far more servings so I think it will get left on the shelf by most families, outside of sp coal occasions.

I also grabbed a couple of large beers. Drank quite a bit of this on holidays in Florence a few years ago, so it always makes me smile.

The sandwich bread went down really well, and there’s none left! I wish I’d tried this recipe years ago, instead of the standard “basic white loaf” recipe as it’s delicious. It’s a 5 hour loaf instead of 3 though, and I’m often impatient for bread. It’s my favourite carb!

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