Chicken katsu curry

The weather is getting a little chilly, and I’m definitely looking for some more rib-sticking food these days.

On the meal plan for today is katsu. I make it about once a month. It’s a little messy, but really good.

Two chicken breasts out of the freezer, each sliced in three and left in a tub of buttermilk in the fridge last night. Normally it’s be four or five pieces let breast for quick cooking and maximum crispy coating, and I’ll go back to this next time. Three wasn’t quite right.

This evening I washed sushi rice and stick it in the rice cooker. Oil into frying pan, and the magic plastic tubs out.

The large one is plain panko. The smaller has seasoned flour – salt, pepper and garlic granules. Last is the chicken, with the buttermilk poured off but with some still clinging on.

This is very much a “dry hand, wet hand” recipe, or you’ll end up caked in batter. Even then you’ll end up washing your hands a lot as you proceed due to glue fingers or raw chicken handling. Cross contamination is no one’s friend.

Flour the chicken by putting half in the tub, firmly putting the lid on, and shaking the daylights out of it. Then repeat.

Add enough water to the flour to get a nice thick batter – like pancake batter. It needs to cling on without leaving too thick a coating.

Then into the panko for a good shaking…

…then into the pan.

Keep each batch warm in the oven as the next cooks. Don’t overload the pan, as it lowers the temp and risks ripping the panko off the chicken, which would be tragic..

I made up half a pack of Golden Curry, which is the standard Curry sauce for katsu, and was lurking at the back of the fridge.

Tah dah!

That’ll cure a case of the Mondays!

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