An oops and a win

As I popped my frozen pizza into the oven last night, I had a clever thought. Rather smugly, I put a roasting tin into the bottom of the oven, grabbed a butternut squash from the fridge, and did a little peeling, deseeding and chopping. Pizza done, the squash went on to roast and give me a head start on today’s recipe.

I then promptly fell into a carb coma, and by the time I remembered the squash…

Burnt-ier nut squash

I believe the technical term is “fecked”.

It got fecked into the compost bin anyway. No saving it at all. It’s a downside with roasting veg that have a high natural sugar content; they go from perfectly caramelised to incinerated very quickly. Doubly so when forgotten entirely. Oops.

Today I got back on the proverbial horse. As we were visiting, baked goods were called for.



Victoria sponge recipe from “How To Be A Domestic Goddess” by Nigella Lawson (probably my favourite baking book ever), my own buttercream recipe, and a couple of ablespoons of Bonne Maman raspberry conserve. It was quickly demolished, and absolutely delicious.




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